What to Do with Doggy Doo–Doo ? ♻️

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Being a mum of kids of both kinds, furry and non furry one, litter has always been a sore issue of mine. I want to keep this earth intact for future generations. In the past going to the park on a Saturday morning was a nightmare with my Golden Retriever. By the time we reach the area he hoovered up several takeaways discarded on the pavement. This carried on even in the park as his mind was set on food search rather than running around meeting other dogs and doing his business.

Summer holidays always spoiled our favourite outdoor places with litter of all kinds. However I noticed a new trend. While the general food rubbish subsided slightly used dog bags seem to appear in most peculiar places. Hanging of trees and bushes, thrown into corners at beauty spots. What is this all about? Someone coming to collect them? According to the media it is becoming a great nationwide problem and has even been discussed in the House of Commons.

So what is the cause of this root of evil? Not enough dog bins? Dog bins are actually being phased out as councils cannot afford the collections any longer. In some cased £30,000 p.a. and more. Dog owners are actually encouraged nowadays to dispose of their dogs poops in normal bins. No problem if the dog bins are replaced by enough general litter bins. These are easier to find and more often emptied, aren’t they?  Anyhow, what did they do with the dog waste before? Recycled it? No incinerated and that is expensive and not so good for our council taxes, nor if someone else has to pick up our rubbish either. Some councils urge dog owners even not to pick up the pet poop but use the stick to flick action. What do you think? More bins? Higher council taxes? Doo-doo bags hanging around our nature is wrong.

If we would replace these with human waste, used nappies or worse, everyone would be in arms.  Leaving used poop-bags lying or hanging around is also dangerous. Several horses had to be put down this year. Being attracted to the grains and ingredients of some dog waste they mistook it for food and blocked their intestines with the plastic bags. God knows how many wild animals die so cruelly without us knowing. Green Peace recently published photos of whales dying from swallowing plastic. This is very much the same, isn’t it? So what to do? We, here at Frank and Jellys can only advise to do the same thing as we used to do with our poop or doo-doo bags, bag them, take them home and bin them.

This is the safest option for any living organism. Doggy Doo-doo might contain beside of a lot of bacteria worms of all sorts and are a health risk. Frank and Jellys recommend the Biodegradable bags and a poop-bag holder which are the only sensible option if we all want to enjoy our beautiful country side. Hilly or flat, covered with mountains and flowers or the wide blue see.

If you have any other suggestions please let us know. We like to widen our horizon.

Looking forward hearing from you

Paws of love

Frank and Jellys

Ps. Did you know that there is a new law coming out in October that makes it more difficult for us dog owners to walk our dogs?

Not to worry we will keep you posted.

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