Top 5 Dog Insurance Providers (as voted by you)!

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Which dog insurance is best for you and. your dog?

We all know dog insurance can be overwhelming – what’s a word more overwhelming than overwhelming?

If you want an overview of all the different TYPES and LEVELS of Dog insurance, then please, read one of our earlier blogs called ‘Pet Insurance Made Easy’ HERE.

Otherwise, read on…

Have you been looking and researching for MONTHS maybe even years, and you STILL don’t know if you’re getting the best for your dog or just being ripped off pound by pound?

Who does reliable payouts?

Who insures pre-existing conditions?

Who has a no excess policy?

Who has a stable renewal price whether you’ve claimed or not?

The list goes on. And on.

At Frank and Jellys we realised that if we wanted to we could research until our eyes popped out and our brains exploded! Instead, we decided to take these incredibly important questions to you, our very own Doggy Detectives.

We like to say; information shared is a potential life spared and we wanted to be able to provide our Frank and Jelly community with advice and experience from those who are living the day to day reality of discovering which dog insurance provider is the best for their dog.

As much as one can search the web and speak to various professions on who the top dog insurance providers are, nothing beats receiving loving advice or hearing real life experiences from people who love their dog(s) just as much as you do.

So without further ado, let’s talk about the Top 5 Dog Insurance Providers (as voted by you)!

But first…

It’s important to know that these figures we are about to present are purely the opinions and experience of our community and that this is not a formal comparison done by the companies themselves. We want you to have access to real and raw information in the hopes that it can help you make the best decision for when it comes to choosing the best dog insurance provider for you and your fur family!

These numbers are based on the experiences from some of our 6,500 Doggy Detectives and they are based on LIFETIME COVER. And hopefully as we progress with our Community Point of View Series we can gather information from thousands of our Frank and Jellys community!

Ok, so this time for real – let’s talk about the Top 5 Dog Insurance Providers (as voted by you)!

The top 5 Dog insurance providers – as voted by you are;

First place: Pet Plan with 24% of the votes.

Second place: Tesco with 13% of the votes.

Third place: Animal Friends with 11% of the votes.

Fourth Place: Bought by Many with 9% of the votes.

Fifth Place: Insurance Emporium with 7% of the votes.

The other Dog insurance providers mentioned and recommended are as follows:

More Than  with 5% of the votes.

Legal and General with 4% of the votes.

Argos, Direct Line, E&L, Healthy Pets, Purely Pets, 4 Paws, Agria, LV and Churchill all taking 3% of the votes each.

So why have Pet Plan, Tesco, Animal Friends, Bought by Many and Insurance Emporium  been voted as the top 5 Dog insurance providers by you? Let’s have a closer look by breaking down SOME of the main reasons behind the votes.

Keep in mind that what we are about to discuss is beneficial to know and take into consideration regardless of which dog insurance provider you are with.

Below is a table of the top 5 dog insurance providers as voted by you (with a little bit of fact checking on our end too). With the information we have gathered from you and from researching the mentioned providers this is what we have found so far. That’s right – SO FAR.

Dog insurance is not straightforward. Everyone has had good and bad experiences with at least one insurance provider so by gathering your experiences and summarising it, we are hoping to 1. Have the conversation openly and without judgement and 2. Help as many dog owners make the best choice for their dog(s).

The Table:If your experience with any of these providers is different to what is documented in this table, please feel free to comment below or send us an email at Remember, we are not delivering cold hard facts, we are delivering a collection of YOUR experiences to benefit you and your dog. This is something we will continue to explore and edit as we go along.

NOW, here are some interesting facts and experiences that we have discovered along the way that could help you. It’s worth asking these questions to your current provider or if you are researching as it will give you some much needed guidance on what to look out for!

  1. When it comes to your vet being paid direct from your insurance provider it’s actually really important to ask your vet before you arrive if they even accept payment via your insurance provider of if they prefer you to pay upfront.
  2. It’s really important to know that if you are planning on changing insurance providers and you have already made a claim with your current provider that what you have made a claim on will in most cases be considered a pre-existing condition
  3. A LOT of Doggy Detectives have expressed their concern that the insurance provider More Than is increasing their premiums on renewal by exorbitant amounts and ask fur parents to be cautious.
  4. Whenever you sign up for a new policy, make sure that the price you sign up for is not just the special ‘buy in’ price to get you in only to hike up your premiums the following year to their standard (more expensive) prices.
  5. When looking at providers ask if they have a multi-dog discount and/or a multi-policy discount. These are different and can really impact how you pay – if you know to ask the right questions.
  6. Your dogs age can impact your policy. Some providers will require you to pay a percentage of all claims after a certain age and some providers won’t even insure your dog if they are of a certain age. And some providers are willing to cover your dog for all claims regardless of their age. Research is key here!
  7. The breed of your dog will impact your insurance policy and could very well impact which providers will actually insure you! It’s worth looking for providers who specialise in certain breeds but it’s also good to see if there are general providers who may consider insuring your dog.
  8. When you make a claim it is very common and almost always going to increase your premiums the following year. It’s unavoidable but it is important to find an insurer that promotes and guarantees reasonable price increases after a claim.

SO much to consider when buy your fur family dog insurance. Hopefully this article was able to help answer some of your questions or even prompted you to double check what is available to you and your dog with your current provider.

If you have any of your own experiences you’d like to share, please know this is an ongoing and open discussion and we’d really love to hear from you! Your experience matters.

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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