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Animal Health Immuboost


A natural food supplement that helps maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

ImmuBoost is a water-based Echinacea infusion, a common herbal extract known for its beneficial effects in the maintenance of the optimum immune system.

Liquid extract of Echinacea, one of the most important herbs in general use. Echinacea aids the natural immune system to encourage natural wound healing capabilities.

It is a natural supplement which can be added to to your dog’s food once daily and is suitable for dogs receiving a dry, wet or raw diet. For more information including ingredients and directions of use please refer to the description tab below.



Frequently Bought Together

Prozyme Probiotic Powder 500g

Probiotics are naturally occurring cultures of specific strains of beneficial bacteria. These organisms work together in the gut to assist lactic acid production, producing digestive enzymes to aid normal gut function, aiding the immune system and helping to supply vitamins, nutrients and trace elements.

Prozyme is a Pro-biotic powder containing healthy pro-biotics for dogs, works in the digestive system and overpopulates bad bacteria with beneficial bacteria. The introduction of this bacteria will help to maintain the balance as nature intended

Always consult with your vet if your dog is pregnant or has a known medical condition and or is being prescribed medication before taking natural supplements.?Please do not use as an alternative to veterinary advice. If in doubt please visit BHAVS.com to find your local homoeopathic vet.

Due to the herbal nature of this product, it cannot be classified as a medicine. As a result, any wording in our customer reviews which including terminology that could be interpreted as being of medical nature or a claim has been replaced with ***
This is as per the UK's Veterinary Medical Directorate guidelines.


Proflax Skin and Coat

Skin & Coat is a premium 100% natural holistic superfood supplement. It contains omega rich cold pressed flaxseed oil and 7 of the best high strength active herb blend which can help to keep your dogs skin itch free and has a relaxing, calming effect.

It contains herbs that have anti-histamine and steroidal properties, assists in detoxification, soothes the stomach, aids digestion, reduces moulting and restores colour pigment in breeds prone to pigment loss. Flaxseed oil helps to maintain overall good health of the heart, immune and reproductive systems, support mobility & circulation and balance metabolism

Herbal ingredients are: Nettle, Sarsaparilla, Chamomile, Skullcap Baicalensis, Milk thistle, Ginkgo, Liquorice root.

Key Benefits;

  • Calms itching and scratching, nourishes the skin, promotes a healthy shiny coat
  • Restores colour pigmentation
  • Reduces moulting
  • Soothes the stomach
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Aids circulation
  • Cleansing
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Nutritionally supportive
  • Holistic formula which promotes physical and emotional wellbeing
The active herbs in this blend have been formulated to work in balance for maximum efficacy. See the difference in as little as 7-10 days.



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Golden Paste For Dogs

Have you tried to make your own paste? And ended up with a gloopy mess? Stained your saucepans, your countertops, your hands and clothes yellow?
The Amazing Golden Paste is now available ready to use.
The Number One benefit of turmeric for dogs is that they can experience a reduction in inflammation particularly with respect to arthritis and itchy skin.
Doug English, a Veterinarian, has been using turmeric for several years on his animal patients and has seen very positive results in his patients for allergic dermatitis, atopy (chronic skin disease), arthritis, irritant bowel disease, and an increased athletic ability and general improvement in health overall. You'll even find your dog's coat can improve and become shinier.

The golden paste is handmade in small batches.

Please note labelling design may vary.

Turmeric - the turmeric is not irradiation or steam treated to preserve the key components
Coconut Oil - they use cold pressed and organic coconut oil
Apple Cider Vinegar - the Apple Cider Vinegar used, is complete with the mother.
Black Pepper - they crack our black pepper just before adding it to our paste
Ceylon Cinnamon - they use true (ceylon) cinnamon as this has a lower level of coumarin in.


Ingredients: water, turmeric, cold pressed coconut oil, apple cider vinegar (with the mother), ceylon cinnamon, black pepper, citric acid, potassium sorbate.

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Directions of use: Add to food daily:- Small dogs 5ml (1tsp), Medium dogs: 10ml (2tsp), Large dogs: 15ml (3tsp). Working & sporting dogs use 1ml/kg body weight (up to a max of 20ml per day)

Ingredients: Liquid extract of Echinacea Pallida, Water

Suitable from:

Always consult with your vet if your dog is pregnant, nursing or on long term medication before giving additional supplements.

Additional product information: It is recommended that dogs who are using Immuboost as a long term supplement take a 7 day break every 21 days.

Please note: 

Strict EU guidelines, governed in the UK by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, restrict the use of words and information that may portray a product as a registered medicine. In order to comply with these regulations, a number of our customer reviews have had certain words removed or replaced with *

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Animal Health

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Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds, Extra Large Breeds

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Puppy, Senior Dogs

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Sahra B.
I recommend this product

Immuboost, the fight against yeast!

For our girl who suffers with yeast flare ups an can end up smelling like ‘cheesy quavers’ this has been FAB! She smells better, ears are good, Reggie stopped licking his paws too all whilst helping build a good immune system!! Product super easy to use with dosage guide on the back for dogs weight, we have the 1ltr which comes attached with measuring funnel. Just squeeze bottle until desired amount is in the little attached pot (with markings on too) when gets to 15ml, let go and rest goes back into main bottle and then pour straight into food bowl. Simple at that and will only let out what you have in that cap part 🙂 Thanks F&J for helping out girl smell more like a princess than a bag of cheesy crisps.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


Amazing stuff! This really helps whenever my dog has a yeast flare up but I’ve also used it when she had an ear ********* and upset stomach just to boost her immune system and help her ****.

Aisling L.
I recommend this product


Can see the difference in just over a week on my 9year old bulldogs skin especially his tear stains!

Nicola W.
I recommend this product


Amazing! ⭐️.. my daisy Doo has been suffering for a while now with ****** ears.. immuboost has absolutely made a difference. I purchased in December and the last 4 weeks I have seen improvements.. less brown sludge, less irritation, less redness.. Daisy is a happier pooch and I’m a happier fur mummy .. thank you so much to Sarah Robinson Director of Frank & Jellies for all of your support and advice! You have made such a difference.

tracey l.
I recommend this product


Bailey had quite bad yeast under his arms but it has now gone this is my 2nd purchase i even give it to my other dog lucy as well. I would definitely recommend this product and continue to purchase the immunboost.