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Elimination Diet 101


Elimination Diet 101

An elimination diet, also known as an ‘exclusion diet’ is a process to identify and remove an ingredient(s) or food source that your dog cannot have without them showing outward signs and symptoms of intolerance.

We are going to break it down into smaller bite-sized, step by step in easy-to-understand program helping you make sense of everything through a handheld course.

We will give you the knowledge, understanding and confidence to go forward with your feeding journey to help your dog live a happy and healthy life.

The online program will consist of,

  • An in depth pre assessment questionnaire for you to complete regarding your dog
  • 45 minute phone call to discuss your personalised steps in detail
  • 1-2-1 email communication giving detailed help and advice throughout the program
  • Help and guidance through every stage of the program


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