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Hi! My name’s Ernie and I’m your Talking Dog. I haven’t quite mastered the whole pen to paw thing yet so my human is going to put pen to paper on my behalf (after all, every celebrity author has their own ghost writer). Each month I’ll be telling you about all the exciting stuff that’s happening at Frank and Jellys and giving you the gossip from my Doggy Detective pals. They test out all the latest and greatest pooch products to make sure we give the best advice on everything canine related! Let me tell you a bit about myself… I’m nearly 3 years old and I live with my human pack and their cats. I’ve given up on being friends with the cats but I’ve got the humans pretty well trained by now… All I have to do is wave my paw and they go running to the fridge to get me a bit of cheese! Cheese is my favourite snack but I also love tasty veggies and (if I’m really lucky) Frank and Jellys homemade biscuits. Sometimes when I’m out on a walk with the humans I hide from them on purpose as I know they’ll try to tempt me back with a yummy morsel… See what I mean about having them well trained?! I’m never too keen on the idea of a walk, especially when it’s a bit chilly, but once the humans persuade me to leave the house (usually I let them carry me) I have a great time chasing my ball around or playing with my friends. I’m sure you’ll get to know lots more about me over the next few months but what I’d really love is to find out more about all of you! Ask your humans to drop me a woof at thetalkingdog@hotmail.com and tell me what you’ve been upto… Have you been anywhere exciting recently? What are your favourite toys? What tricks can you do? Have you got any cute photos of you and your furry friends and/or humans? I’d love to share some of your stories and photos in my next blog… And remember, it’s Halloween coming up, so get your best fancy dress on and send me a snap! I’ll pick my favourite ones to show you all next month. I’m off to meet with the Doggy Detectives now! Rumour has it they’ve discovered the comfiest dog bed on the market so hopefully I’ll be able to have a quick snooze…. Purely for research purposes, of course. Until next time! Ernie xx


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