For Dog Owners who want to save time & money!

Are you a fur mum or dad who’s looking for only the best for their four-legged friend?

Are you looking for ways to naturally flea & worm your dog without using harsh chemicals?

Would you like to find cleaning products that help get rid of dog smell with little to no effort that actually get rid of smells and don’t mask them with toxic perfumes?

Are you looking for dog toys that promise not to cost the earth and are indestructible?

Looks like you are in the right place then … welcome to Frank and Jellys

Frank and Jellys is run by my bulldog Frank and his army of four-legged product testers and their human owners.I’m just his human slave that does all the work his paws can’t do properly .. occupational hazard of being a fur baby!

We research all of the best products from all over the world and test them first so you don’t have to. Saving you time and money.We work with vets and holistic vets and industry experts all the time to help keep your dogs living a long, happy and healthy life.

We offer lots of free expert talks from people in the industry to answer all of your questions on nutrition, training & behaviour and health. These talks would usually cost a lot of money and a day away from home to attend so please make sure that you follow us on FacebookInstagram  & Twitter

We also post training tips, fabulous recipes and info on our favourite dog gadgets and accessories on Pinterest

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed with a ton of choices all at different prices and not knowing what is best. That’s where Frank and Jellys is here to be your friend in your hour of need.

All of our products that you see in have been tested by real dog owners from our dog product review group who are on Facebook who we nickname the Doggy Detectives. We have thousands of product testers from all our the world all types of breeds, problems and ages so you can find the most suitable product for your fur baby. And if you need help don’t worry we are here to guide you all the way. If you would like to also apply to join our fabulous group of dog product testers we would love to have you. It’s free to join if you are the right fit. You just need to click here to apply.

We are also big on giving back and support a large group of dog charities every month. We provide a donation from our sales to our customers chosen charity as I believe it should be your choice, not mine where your donation goes to. Therefore you can tell us at the check out who you want your donation to go to.

We hope you love our products as much as we do it’s been a long journey to get them to you and we are grateful for our family of followers who we think of as friends and that you have provided us with the opportunity to be able to do what we love and love what we do whilst helping dogs live happier ad healthier lives every day. You guys are awesome!

Paws of Love

Sarah aka Franks mum X