Meet our Dog Experts at Frank & Jellys

We pride ourselves in giving dog owners to some of the UK’s leading experts that can support your life as an owner and also that of your dogs.

Whilst we invite experts onto our social media regularly to give expert talks about all subjects relating to our dogs and their welfare, we are proud to have a number of experts as part of our in-house team to be able to provide additional hands on support for training, behavioural and nutrition needs.

Our experts are fully qualified and highly regarding contributors in their industry who have helped thousands of dogs between them in the most amazing of ways live their best lives.

Each of our amazing in-house experts is able to offer a limited number of 1-2-1 consultations every month on a first come first served basis to provide additional and personal support via skype.

By offering these services via Skype we are making potentially life changes service available to all dogs and their owners from all over the world regardless of their location which ultimately is our aim to help as many dogs as possible live their happiest and healthiest lives possible.

In-House Nutrition Specialists

At Frank & Jellys we belive that diet is the corner stone for the foundation of health for every dog.

We see so many dogs with challenges relating to skin, allergies and food. We recognise that each and every dog is different and that this includes what they eat which many dogs owners can find extremely overwhelming a with conflicting information and opinions.

Whilst we do offer a number of regular free trainings on our social media on feeding and nutrition we do also offer the opportunity for a limited number of dog owners to work with our inhouse qualified pet nutrionist every month to develop a bespoke and personalised plan to help their dogs thrive and live their best lives .

Meet Caroline Griffith – Pet Industry Nutrition Consultant

Caroline Griffith Nutrion Therapist and Pet Industry Expert

Hi, I’m Caroline and I’m a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Pet Industry Nutrition Consultant with 25 years experience in the pet industry working for both start-up and large international pet food companies.

I specialise in all types of pet food and I am proud to have been creating real, fresh food diets for a wide variety of dog breeds and ages since 1995.

My hearts work is to make the vast choice of pet foods and varied opinions easy to understand and navigate through. Cutting out the confusion so you can discern what it right for your dog as an individual.

I am the proud author of two books including my most recent book being : The Best Dog Diet (2020) which is available on the Frank and Jellys shop as an ebook and I regularly lead seminars and even holistic retreats for dogs and their human friends.

I am based in Suffolk with my rescue dog, Foosa, who is a tripawd and benefits from the nourishment fresh and human food (both home-cooked and raw) provides.

My specialist subject is how the dogs body works holistically, sharing that the elements that make up food – such as enzymes or microbiome are just as important as the molecular nutrition itself, yet rarely taken into consideration.

I am a regular feature on Frank & Jellys social media delivering free trainings about fresh and human foods and the benefits these can have on our dogs and their overall health.
I also produce blogs which you can find here that I hope will help you will educate you all on having the healthiest possible dog you can, starting with a truly nutritious diet.

I offer a limited number of 1-2-1 and bespoke nutrition consultations for owners who require personal support for their dogs.
To book in for a consultation session please click the button below

Dog Training & Behaviourists

Meet Bruce Whitelaw – Training & Behaviourist

Dog Training & Behaviourist Frank & Jellys

Hello, I’m Bruce and I’ve been a part of the Frank & Jellys in-house training and behaviour team since 2018.

I’m a regular feature on their social media platforms, providing easy to follow advice and behaviour tips to dog owners with their everyday issues. Problems like excessive barking, chewing on furniture, reactivity on walks, fighting over toys, and so much more.

I am well versed in understanding dog body language. I use this knowledge to help people understand what their dogs are feeling, allowing them to compassionately and kindly make positive changes.

I strongly believe that by understanding what our dogs are telling us, and by listening to what they’re saying, we can build better, long-lasting relationships with them. This goes hand in hand with my belief that using primarily positive reinforcement based training is the best and most enjoyable approach for everyone involved.

I currently live in Scotland with my three Japanese Shiba Inu; Oshi, Samwell and Yuna.
They’re my pride and joy!

I’m very passionate about their health and well-being (both physical and mental) and follow a holistic approach to their care.

This encompasses everything from training to feeding fresh food. I’m particularly fond of “ancient” breeds like the Shiba.

Their more primitive nature is fascinating, challenging, and so rewarding.I work with multiple charities, guiding them in their training and behaviour plans for dogs in foster, and those newly placed in their forever homes. I consider brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds a bit of a specialty of mine as I was the dad of a Pug and a French Bulldog for years. This led me to become very involved in the “squishy faced” community about 10 years ago. Due to their popularity now, I work with many Bulldogs and French Bulldogs in particular in Scotland.

I mainly visit people’s homes or meet them in their local parks to help them train their dogs. I also offere 1-2-1 sessions via skype. Although the type of behaviour issues I work with varies from day to day, most of dogs I see each week is due to reactivity on walks of some description. I have also appeared as an expert witness for the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service.

I was so happy to be asked to hold a free one hour chat in the Frank and Jellys Facebook group once a month. This is called the Training and Behaviour Hour which is still a regualr feature. I am also available for a limited number of private behaviour consultations via Skype every month.

If you would like more information on how I can help you and your dog and to book in for a behavioural and training session please fill in the form below

Meet Chantal Karyta- Training & Behaviourist and Sports Expert

Dog Training Frank and Jellys Chantal Karyta

Hi, I’m Chantal and I have been dog training since 2008. I set up my dog training and behaviour company in Surrey in 2010. I have a BSc. (Hons) in Psychology, a COAPE diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and am a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

I runs variety of training classes ranging from puppy and adult dog life skills classes to agility, tricks, scentwork, flyball, gundog and hoopers as well as workshops on specific behaviours such as recall, not jumping up and loose lead walking.

I also conduct private lessons and behaviour consultations either in the client’s home, out on a walk or remotely via Skype. In fact, this was how I met Sarah, the owner of Frank & Jelly’s when I was called in to help her train Frank her first bulldog! 🙂 way back in 2015

I currently own 5 dogs – Honey my little rescue Papillon who is now nearly 14 and blind and deaf, Spice, Savannah and Splash – my Shelties ranging in age from five to ten years old, and Spirit a one year old Border Collie.

I have a huge interest in dog behaviour and love to work with
clients to help deal with behaviours such as dog-dog and dog-human aggression, resource guarding and separation-related disorders.
I have experience dealing with all breeds and ages. When working with unwanted dog behaviours, I take into account the dog’s overall lifestyle and emotional well being, rather than just the problematic behaviour.

By making sure all your dog’s physical, mental and dietary needs are met – changing these alone can have a massive impact on improving your dog’s behaviour. All my methods are positive and reward-based.

I also love to work with puppies and older rescue dogs to teach the foundations of training, especially with first-time dog owners.

I have a particular love of working dogs in sports – to me, it is so important that dogs have jobs to do that they love, whether it is agility, tricks, flyball, scentwork, working trials, obedience or hoopers. It helps to mentally tire them out and is a great way to really bond with your dog. I see a huge decline in problem behaviours when dogs have regular training.

I personally do agility with my dogs and have competed with all my Shelties at Crufts for 5 consecutive years, represented England in the World Agility Open, and Great Britain in the Agility World Championships. As I am currently located in South Africa, I will be representing them in the World Agility Open this year.

You can also find my on the Frank & Jellys social media with Training Trick Tuesdays where I posted free video tutorials of some fun and useful tricks to do with your dog.

I am also now available for Skype training sessions for any kind of training and behaviour problem. If you would like to book in for a 1-2-1 training or behavioural consultation please do not hesitate to contact me by filling in the form below