Let’s talk CBD oil.

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Let’s talk CBD oil.

Or if you want to get fancy, cannabidiol oil.

It’s a big topic of conversation lately as more and more people explore the health benefits of adding CBD oil to their diet.

CBD oil was something that popped up on our radar as people were starting to openly discuss on social media the dramatic health improvements that had come around due to using CBD oil.

To understand what we’re dealing with, let’s first explain what CBD oil is.


  • Firstly, no, it’s not the cannabis that gets you high in liquid form (although this is a common misconception).
  • CBD oil is derived from the hemp part of cannabis as opposed to the Marijuana part of cannabis.
  • There are over 60 elements that come from the cannabis plant called cannabinoids, some are used to make you high (these would be marijuana’s THC content) , and the rest are CBDs which are added to the CBD oil.

How does CBD oil help?

CBD oil has been considered a highly therapeutic oil that aids in healing, correcting and minimising so many ailments in humans. It has an anti-inflammatory affect and helps with:

  • pain
  • tumors
  • seizures
  • muscle spasms
  • skin conditions
  • appetite stimulation
  • aggression
  • anxiety and
  • neurological disorders.

Can CBD oil be used for dogs?

It has also been suggested that CBD oil can be just as beneficial to our dogs as it is for humans.

There’s a lot of newness around giving our dogs CBD oil and therefore a lot of confusion around how it can help our fur babies with their health and ailments.

Dogs, like humans have specific cannabinoid receptor sites, which is what makes taking CBD oil so effective. What research is finding is that CBD oil is helping with both chronic and acute disease.

Dogs have been healing from ailments such as :

  • arthritis
  • compromised immune systems
  • stress responses
  • aggression
  • digestive issues
  • organ diseases and
  • cancer
  • sprains and strains
  • torn ligaments
  • bone breaks
  • pain and stiffness and
  • separation anxiety.

Is CBD oil effective?

At Frank and Jellys we wanted to see if all the hype was true. So we did our research and found the best supplier out there of CBD oil: The Herb Kingdom.

We then asked if any of our Doggy Detectives wanted to test CBD oil out for themselves and report back with results.

Wow. The results have been nothing short of a miracle!

Nikki, fur mum to Mrs Mills claims, “So Mrs Mills has lymphoma and since using CBD oil the lump on the left side of her neck has halved in size!”

Katie-Lisa shared what happened with her mums Labrador, “My mums lab was fitting several times a day, I got her some cbd oil and within a few weeks he started to fit less. Now a year on he’s only fitting a few times a month!”

Monique, fur mum to Kayla said, “I didn’t expect to see an improvement this quick (Kayla has arthritis due to having double elbow dysplasia) … here’s hoping that this is the start of my baby girl enjoying her walks and having the quality of life that she so rightly deserves !”

CBD oil is definitely something to consider!! The Herb Kingdom supplies an amazing CBD oil product and have kindly offered Frank and Jelly customers a special offer! Check out this link here: https://theherbkingdom.com/product/thk-800/ and type in this code at checkout: Voucher Code SRTHK350. And if you have any of your own reviews, we’d love to hear about them in the Frank and Jelly Facebook group!

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

P.S. Are you in the Frank and Jellys ‘Doggy Detectives’ Facebook group? It’s a place where fur mums and dads go to make friends, test doggy products and share stories on best products. PLUS we always share tips and tricks as well as offering advice and sharing experiences when one of our furry friends is not well or not behaving! It’s great fun and it’s absolutely FREE to join! Come join the fun HERE xo.

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