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Thunder, Fur and Lightning ….very very frightening  ⚡️

Summer time means sunshine, road trips, picnics, and boat rides. Unfortunately for our fur friends  it can also mean thunderstorms are more frequent than in other seasons. Many of our otherwise calm family members can suddenly turn into little heaps of nervousness. As fur mums and dads we can understand that the loud band of the thunder can be very upsetting to both you and your dog and is out of your control to stop. Frank and Jellys are here to help you with tips to reduce the stress for your fur family.

Did  you know that the sound is actually secondary to our your dogs anxiety?  I know I didn’t,  Scientific research shows that the booming of thunder plays only a small part in upsetting our four legged friends.

It’s actually the static electricity  that makes our fur babies feel uncomfortable, especially the feeling of it tingling through their fur.  It can lead to  them to running around the house whimpering, looking for places to hide from the numerous shocks of the static electricity SHOCKING ISNT IT? Some of our fury friends can behave very hyper, to an extent that we worry about their physical wellbeing. Severe reactions can include destroying furniture, soiling carpets, not wanting to go outside for hours on end after the storm and developing an all-out fear of other loud noises.

How can we help!

The bathtub would be an excellent place for your fur baby to remain before, during, and after a storm passes. The porcelain material of the bathtub actually blocks electricity from traveling, and this is likely to be the reason why some fur babies have been known to jump into the tub when they feel a storm approaching.

Calming our little or not so little fury friends

    • Draw curtains, close windows to shut out the noises
    • If our dogs want to hide in the bathroom or sit next to you, let them.
    • Music can soothe them. Play some calming music Opera or Rap is a big no no!
    • Turn off the TV or radio — well, any loud noise. The weather is loud enough for our poor puppies so it’s best not to make the situation even more intense. Gentle music, as noted above, is all right.
    • Offer a few reassuring words simply try to distract them.  We might want to remind our pooches that their favourite toy is still here, just waiting to be played with.
  • Don’t over fuss. Seriously. They will instantly pick up your energy pandering, and it will freak them out even more. Basically we want to try to act like nothing’s wrong and don’t punish our four legged friend if he is doing something naughty.

Not every dog will react to the suggestions mentioned. Sometimes you have to step it up a notch. Sometimes it happens when we aren’t even at home which we know is even more stressful for fur mum and dads sitting at work during a thunderstorm.

If a Thunderstorm is forecast, before you go to work or social engagements put a Thundershirt on.

When worn on our little fury darlings it applies gentle, constant pressure like a reassuring hug to help calm him or her during stormy weather and is a firm favourite with the rescue charities Frank and Jellys work with an can help with anxiety issues all year round not just during thunderstorms

By the way, the Thundershirt isn’t really a shirt. It’s more like a series of flaps that wrap and strap (with Velcro) around your pooch. You can use it any time your dog is anxious (i.e Fireworksnight)

  • While we’re dressing our fury baby up you can also give him anti-anxiety meds as a precaution. There is a variety on the market and the choice is yours.  Frank and Jellys spent months testing natural calming aids with our most anxious Doggy Detectives and the Doorwest Valerian Compound is without a doubt the market leader. Frank and Jellys believe in natural and holistic measures over chemicals however if you have a dog that is dangerously anxious please always consult with your vet first . The Doorwest Valerian compound gets to work within 30 minutes and can be administered orally, added to food or applied to bedding.

Click HERE for more information

  • Another great option is the Hownd Calming mist which is simply sprayed onto your dogs fur to help restore calm. Made of essential oils including lavender this spray has the added bonus of making your dogs shiny and glossy and helps repels insects. This is the recommended product if you have a dog with mild to medium levels of anxiety and is a firm favourite during fireworks night.

Lets hope we do not have too many storms coming our way but if they do we all now know what to do. Do you have any great top tips for thunderstorms that we haven’t mentioned ?

Get in touch at info@frankandjellys.com we would love to hear from you

By sharing our experiences we can make sure our fur babies feel safe and secure whatever the weather.

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Paw of Love

Frank and Jelly 

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