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As a very wise Glenn Frey once sang;

The heat is on (yeah) the heat is on,

(Burning, burning, burning)

It’s on the street, the heat is on!

And the street is not the place to be for our furry friends!!


Now while the song was not about taking heat precautions with our dog, it has helped me make a point in this blog.

It’s summer, it’s hot, the outside grounds are burning hot and no place for your pooch to be.

So what’s a fur mum and dad to do?


Welcome to our INTERACTIVE GAMES BLOG! A fun and creative place where we get to share game ideas with you.

If you haven’t read our blogs on the dangers of heat waves and heat strokes with our dogs, then click the title that catches your attention and stay informed!

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 While interactive games of all kinds are really beneficial for our dogs, it’s really important to choose your games wisely during the warmer months.


Because when dogs are active in hot weather, they overheat and dehydrate at a very rapid pace and this can lead to some severe and dangerous side effects (you can read more about this in the blogs above).

The other important thing to remember is that walking your dog during extreme heat and when the sun is at its peak is also a recipe for disaster.

That’s why we have put together some interactive game ideas to keep your dog entertained, cool and relaxed during the summer.


Did you know:

That interactive brain games can often be more tiring or just as tiring for your dog as taking them for a walk? It’s also a great way to defeat boredom, increase your dog’s confidence, and strengthen that special bond between you and your fur baby!

So if you find you are unable to walk the pooch or play an overactive game, try stimulating the mind!


Frank and Jellys actually has some great mind stimulation toys that are perfect for exactly this! There’s the West Paw Quizle, the Lickimat Boredom Busters, the Snuffle Mats AND more! Click HERE to browse some of our favourite toys as tested and voted by our Doggy Detectives.

Some other great low-key interactive dog games come from a couple of members from the Frank and Jellys team!!

Both have created videos (which you can view below) with just how easy it is to stimulate your pooch without overheating them.


ANOTHER fun and especially cooling game you can create for your dog is really easy and can create hours of fun!

Simply take some of your dogs favourite toys and put them in the freezer overnight. You can freeze a toy like the West Paw Hurley Bone OR you can use something like a Kong and fill it with yummies and then freeze that, OR you can put some fruits and veggies into the blender and then pour them into an ice cube tray or even different sized containers, depending on the size of your dog.

If you want some creative and healthy ideas around what foods to freeze for your dog, have a read of our article; 22 freezable foods to cool and entertain dogs!

Once you’ve frozen the goodies, you can give them to your dog as is OR you can throw them in a paddle pool filled with water so your dog can splash about and chase the floating, frozen treats and toys!


When we asked our Doggy Detectives what brain games their dogs liked to play most mentioned dog puzzles! Again, puzzles are a great way to get your dog’s brain activated and stimulated. When they can use their brain power it can cure boredom AND it can tire them out so that they can rest with more ease.

For a list of 15 top rated dog puzzles, check out THIS list here!


Have you tried a homemade sprinkler? These can be made with old bottles or pool noodles and are so easy to make!! They are perfect for human and fur babies alike! Fun for all! Watch the video below on how easy it is to make a pool noodle sprinkler for your family.

If you place the noodle sprinkler in the shade, and the heat is not too extreme, you can even play etch with your dog by throwing their much loved toys through the water so that they can cool down, play and have fun all at the same time!

The options are endless and really you can get extremely creative AND not have to spend lots of money if you didn’t want too!

The idea is to keep them cool, calm and entertained.


If you have games that you play and recommend that keep your dog cool and entertained during the warmer months, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you leave a comment or send an email to sarah@frankandjellys.com it’s something we would love to share with as many dog owners as possible! Information shared is a potential life spared.


Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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