Indoor games to keep your pooch occupied!

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How has the cold been treating you this week?

Are your hounds driving you mad yet? Ha!

We totally know how you feel!

Sometimes our fur babies get bored from being inside all the time too, so we had one of our Doggy Detectives put a quick video together of indoor games you can play with your dogs to keep them occupied (and out of your hair).

We also had our very own Sarah (fur mum of Frank) take us through how to train our dogs with ringing the bell for food. It’s another great indoor game and it’s sure to make you laugh!

It’s important that we keep our dog’s mind stimulated, especially when they are trapped indoors due to the weather. When dogs are not stimulated, it can lead to anxiety, depression and disruptive behaviour.

They can go from being extremely lethargic to pacing the halls – neither of which are helpful to your dog’s well-being.

By incorporating some of these fun and easy games not only are you keeping them sane and occupied but you are also building a special bond with them.

A happy dog makes a happy home.

Watch both videos below. You can thank us later.

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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