So, you’ve seen what medicated flea and worming treatment can do to your dog but you’re still not sure how to effectively and naturally treat your dog for fleas, ticks and worms…

Keeping your dog safe and naturally protected form fleas and worms is actually easier then you think. But before we go into natural remedies, let’s look into the dangers of medicated flea and worming treatment.

Here’s a confronting question for you…would you ever put a harsh chemical on your child’s neck to stop them from getting head lice?

I’m going to say, probably not.

You’d probably be shocked to know of anyone who did and would want to find an alternative solution – one that doesn’t put your child’s life and health at risk.

And that would be a good idea.

So here’s another question…why are we still putting harsh chemicals on our dog’s necks to stop them from getting fleas, ticks, and worms?

Hmmm, it makes you stop and think about that when it’s put this way.

The question isn’t to criticise, it’s to help us think outside the box.

Chemical and medicated treatments are a necessity in the treatment and prevention of many things when it comes to our dogs, but does it always have to be the first thing we turn to?

In an age where there is so much access to information, I would love to see more people looking at alternative options to natural remedies. Remedies that can be just as effective if not more effective than the chemicals we use to treat ticks, fleas, and worms.

That’s why I have decided to put this blog together.

I want to summarise all the information there is out there and make it super simple to understand.

I also want to make the process of accessing natural remedies and supplements really easy, because who has time to run around all week trying to research the best of everything?

Now, because the UK Vet Medical Director governs the terminology we use and the products we’re allowed to supply (check out for more info) moving forward, all these natural remedies are going to be referred to as supplements because we’re not allowed to refer to them as a cure or treatment – those words are saved for pharmaceuticals.

But can I just say, these ‘supplements’ are extremely effective and naturally potent.

If you have been using pharmaceuticals or medicated tick, flea, and worm treatments up until now and are curious to know how to switch to all-natural, it’s easy enough to continue medicated treatment at the same time as starting the natural treatment, as to cross them over and keep your dog protected.

As always, it’s good to check with your vet that none of the natural supplements you use will affect or interfere with the medicated treatments.

What is so great and useful about natural supplements for ticks, flea and worms is that you can actually adjust the amount of intake your dog receives. If it’s low tick, flea, and worm season, you can include these natural supplements in their diet 3 times a week. When it’s high season, you can then increase their dosage to daily.

The same rules apply to where you are living. If you are surrounded by bush or forests, you would take more precautions to protect your dog. Whereas if you live in a very open space or an area with minimal chance of affecting your dog with ticks, fleas, and worms, then you would look at treating them a little less.

But whenever starting a natural supplement, it’s always good to do it for at least 7 days straight just to build up your dog’s immune system.

And if you are still cautious about all-natural deterrents, then you can maybe consider switching monthly between natural and medicated.

The less we use chemicals on our dogs, the better. The truth is, in the same way humans become immune to antibiotics making them less effective, dogs become immune to medicated treatments and pharmaceuticals too if used too frequently.

If our dogs become immune to their medicine – then the medicine isn’t even protecting them!!

That’s why it’s so useful and helpful to introduce as much ‘natural’ into your dog’s diet as possible – the body and immune system works WITH the natural supplements and processes them easier. The body rarely builds up an immunity against natural supplements – it would like becoming allergic to your own blood, a very rare occurrence.

Natural anti-tick, flea, and worm supplements are highly recommended because while medicated treatments only work for a certain amount of days and generally do their best work once the parasite has landed on your dog, natural supplements work from the inside out – making your dog unappealing and unpleasant to these parasites.

The tick, fleas, and worms never land on the dog because your dog becomes repulsive to them – hence why natural supplements are deterrents.

So, what are some of these natural supplements that we recommend based on what our Frank & Jellys family has trialed and tested?

There is Garlic & Fenugreek, Verm-x, Billy No Mates (coming soon to Frank & Jellys), and the worming DIY Kit (which allows you to regularly and naturally have your dog’s poop tested to make sure there are no worms in their system – if they have no worms present, you don’t have to treat them as frequently).

Garlic & Fenugreek is great as an overall deterrent and immune booster. It’s antiviral, anti-cancerous, and the fenugreek is also great for the digestive system. It leaves your dog’s coats looking absolutely fantastic and subject to contrary belief, garlic is not bad for your dogs (read the article we did on the garlic myth HERE).

Billy No Mates is a fantastic liquid tincture that you give to your dogs that also covers them for the parasites!

The number one product for me that I’m yet to see a natural health provider do a competing product for is Verm-x. Verm-x is a liquid that gets rid of parasites in the digestive system. It also comes in handy pellets that you can use as treats. It expels any parasites that are there but also builds up their immunity and actually makes it unlivable for the parasites.

These 3 natural supplements are such powerful deterrents for ticks, fleas, and worms that you would never have to medicate your dog with harsh chemicals again (unless in extreme circumstances).

If you want to know more about the products you can head and browse through the shop section to see more information about the above.

But in the meantime, if you have any questions or you know of another natural supplement that acts as an effective deterrent, please let us know because we are always open to providing our customers and doggy family with the best of everything! Just leave a comment or email us at

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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