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Accommodation: When thinking about where you want to stay, take your dog’s needs into account as well as yours

Booking: Once you’ve found somewhere to stay, double-check before you book that dogs are definitely welcome. Find out if there are any restrictions on size, breeds and numbers by making a phone call

Catering arrangements: Make sure you take enough food with you for your fur babies, human food isn’t always good for them.

Driving there: Make sure your dog will be comfortable on the way to your destination. Take regular breaks to spend a penny, drink, and stretch

Essential items: Make a list of all the things your dog will need. Apart from the essentials you might also need a travel water bowl, a travelling crate, a jacket to keep him warm and dry or cool in hot weather

First aid: Don’t forget to add a few fury friend first aid items to yours. Powder for a temporary upset tummy and sprays to heal sores quickly will assist in you all having a great holiday

Grub Take all the food your fury friend needs with you. You might not get his usual brand where you go

Homesick: Fido might feel a bit anxious at first because of all the changes in the environment and routine. Don’t worry most pooches will adapt quickly

Insurance: Make sure your pet is insured, not just for accidents and illness, but also for third party liability.

Jumping up: No matter how friendly his intentions, this (and similar boisterous, in-your-face behaviours) may not be appreciated by others. Brush up on basic obedience and ensure he is well mannered around other guests and their pets.

Kennelling: If you want to spend a few hours shopping, or sightseeing at a place where your dog can’t go with you, find out in advance if the place you are staying at has kennelling or a dog sitting service available

Lost: Know whom to contact in the event of Fido getting lost. Have an information pack ready with all relevant details, including clear and up-to-date photos

Microchip: Microchipping is now compulsory for all dog owners in the UK. Make sure all information is up-to-date on the database. It will improve the chances of being reunited should he stray.

Note down: Make a list of everything you need to take.

Off the lead: If you let your fury friend off the lead, make sure his recall is working. He might be too interested in exploring his new and exciting surrounding than coming back when called. Have some treats ready for this occasion

Passport: When travelling aboard a pet passport with up-to-date vaccination is required. For further information please go to https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad/overview

Quenching thirst: Always have water available for you and your fury family member.

Research: The better you plan ahead, the more fun your holiday will be. Nothing is nicer to know that after a long nice walk a dog friendly pub is waiting for you.

Safety: Take extra care when walking in areas you don’t know well, or where there are obvious hazards, such as cliff edges.

Toys: Take a small selection of different toys for your dog to play with

Useful contacts: Jot down addresses and telephone numbers of all the useful contacts you may need – such as vets, pubs, etc.

Vet: Find out where the local vet’s practice is and note down open hours and contact details

Walkies: Checking out local walks

X-rated: Don’t assume you can take your dog everywhere. Check that beaches are dog friendly and observe seasonal differences

Yuk: Clean up after you and your pooch wherever you are!

Zzzzzz: Both you and your fury friend feel more relaxed and enjoy

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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