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Happy Holidays from Frank and Jelly!

We are hoping everyone is well and getting ready to set off on their well-earned summer holiday. Many of us, in fact 9% of us dog owners in the UK like to holiday with our fury friends. So before you set off, make sure that everything is packed and ready.

Make sure if your four legged friend is not the best of traveller and gets easily excited that he doesn’t misunderstand the going ons. Frank and Jelly don’t know the difference between good and bad excitement and might become a little bit fearful. Buttercup, one of our doggy detective, suffers very easily with fright and travel sickness too. But since trying our Valerian, a natural and holistic remedy she is a far better travel companion.

By the way, our fury friend should have his own little suitcase packed. That way you won’t forget anything. Remember it needs to be in in easy reach. However keep the travel bowl and water bottle out of it and near you in a cool place. Maybe the foot well? That way you won’t have to crawl through the car looking for it should you end up in a traffic jam on a hot summers day.

Take the dog blanket or dog basket if space allows it. It helps our fur babies to settle in quicker at your journey end

What else should be in his case?

· Well his food of course. Unless you have already checked that you can purchase the food at your holiday destination don’t assume you can.

· Pack his favourite toy to keep him calm and occupied when needed

· You also need poop bags and a poop pot holder. Please always take filled up bag home with you and never leave them in the country side. In recent months cases of horses mistaken these for food and eating them have been reported. The plastic bags cause an obstruction in the horse’s stomach, by the time this has been noticed it is often too late to save the animal.

· You need towels for rainy and hot weather. If you live anywhere like the UK you know how quickly the weather can change. Also wet towel on the floor can cool your dog down very easily and quickly. However if you have of a large breed or brachycephalic one like Frank and Jelly are, you might want to opt also for a cool coat.

· For safety reasons take a long extendable lead with you. On unknown walks you never know what you face around the corner.

· Next comes the first aid kid. Leucillin is recommended by Frank and Jellys as a very good antiseptic spray too help with little scratches or allergic reactions and tick bites. Collodial silver aids quick healing. Don’t forget the Isotonic re-hydration powder, a natural protector against fleas and a tick remover tool

· Before you leave make sure your microchip data is up-to-date.

· Add a tag with your phone number on Frank and Jelly’s collar. Unforeseen circumstances could separate you from your pooch. This will help you to be quickly reunited.

· Although Frank and Jellys don’t support the use of muzzle we like to make you aware that currently some Ferry Companies request muzzling our dogs while crossing the channel. Give the company a quick ring to make sure otherwise you might not be able to board the ferry.

Last but not least brush up on fur baby’s training. Get the kids involved. Come, heal (fetch never works with Frank!) and leave come in very handy to protect our four legged friends. A little natural and healthy treat comes in handy and should also be taken with you to your destination.

Above all we wish you a great time. We would love to hear from you and share your holiday picture. So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseee do send us some !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Holidaying Paws of Love Frank and Jelly ?

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