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Easy to make Pill Pockets for Dogs – 3 ingredients & less than 10 minutes

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How to make pill pockets for dogs easily using healthy natural ingredients!

It’s not ideal but sometimes in our dog’s lives, the vet said needs must and we need to take medication for an illness or a natural supplement to help support them as they get older.

It’s hardly a secret that dogs don’t like to take tablets. The worst thing is you can’t communicate with them why it’s so important either that they take their medication of supplements.

Which is why I put together this quick how-to guide of how to make pill pockets for your dogs using goats milk, almond flour and peanut butter.

You can substitute almond flour for another flour but please speak to your holistic vet if your dog is on medication as not all ingredients may be suitable – particularly for diabetic dogs.

With peanut butter please make sure that the ingredients does not contain xylitol or palm oil as they are toxic for dogs.

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