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This course purchase includes:

Overview Topics Covered 

1. Different Types of Bleeding
2. Paw Injuries including how to correctly bandage
3. How to use a Tourniquet
4. Broken Nails
5. Dog fight Injuries
6. What colour of dogs gums means
7. Unconscious/ collapsed dogs
8. CPR
9. Choking and how to safely remove obstruction
10. Common mouth and throat injuries
11. Heat Stroke
12. Seizures – including real videos of full and partial seizure
13. Eye Injuries
14. Ear Injuries – including how to correctly bandage
15. Poisons – Chemicals & Food
16. Stings & Bites
17. What you need in your first aid kit 

Trigger warning – we have also included real-life video examples of seizures, tutorials of how to apply basic first aid and dealing with poisons, CPR, and heat stroke which some might find distressing.