Frank and Jellys – Doggy Detective Competition 2019

Frank & Jellys Competitions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the participation of the Face of Frank & Jellys advert (“the Prize Draw”) (these “Terms”) and by entering into the Prize Draw, Entrants will be deemed to have read and accepted these Terms and agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree with any of these Terms please do not enter into the Prize Draw

The Prize is for the participation of 8 dogs and their owners and to become the Face of the Frank & Jellys doggy detectives. They will be featured in the companies advertising media including video advertisements.

In addition, of the owners who’s dog is one of the prize winners to take part in the Frank & Jellys advert will win a further £500 holiday voucher from Dog-Friendly and will be chosen at random via a Frank & Jellys live announcement after the advert has been filmed. The voucher is sponsored by Dog-Friendly UK and will be valid for a period of 12 months.

Terms and Conditions

Submitting an Application signifies that the applicant understands the conditions, acknowledges that all the obligations mentioned in Terms and Conditions. Applications and confirmations must be met in a timely manner, and recognises, that failure to do so will invalidate the Candidate’s Application. 
  1. By opting into this Agreement, the Candidate, Dog & Owner may be, giving up some important legal rights. Before signing this Agreement carefully read this Agreement in order to fully understand the legal rights that he is or may be giving up. 
  2. The Doggy Detective Audition is organised by Frank & Jelly’s & The Barking Mad Agency to be referred in this Agreement as the “Organiser”, registered applicant/participant of the Audition to be referred in this Agreement as the “Candidate”. His/her Owner will be referred to in this Agreement as the “Candidate”. 
  3. Application for the Audition implies full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions between the Parties: the Organiser and the Candidate. This agreement is deemed read and accepted when the Candidate applies for the Audition.  The initial audition will be via Photo, Video and Written application form.
  4. Entrants agree that by entering the Prize Draw their personal details may be stored and otherwise processed by Frank&Jellys for the purposes of administering the Prize Draw and for the marketing and sending of other special offers where you have consented to receive the same.
  5. Frank & Jellys will not be liable for any inability of any person to enter the Prize Draw because of any unavailability of such page, failures in computer systems or networks, other malfunctions, or for any other reason.
  6. This Prize Draw is open only to: residents of the UK; whos dogs are aged between 6 months to 10 years old by the date of the audition 19th July 2019 can apply
  7. Travel, accommodation, expenses and meals are not provided and not included.
  8. All conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute or common law are expressly excluded from these Terms
  9. Frank&Jellys may refuse to provide the Prize in the event that an Entrant fails to satisfy the eligibility requirements under these Terms in clause 3 above, or has committed or is alleged to have committed any act of fraud or dishonesty, or is in breach of any of these Terms.
  10. By entering into the Prize Draw, the winner agrees to participate in publicity following the Prize Draw. This may include use of their name and image in online and offline publicity, communications, and in any other media worldwide without any fee being paid to the winner
  11. To the extent permitted by law, Frank&Jellys and its agents and representatives hereby expressly exclude any liability whether in contract, tort, criminal law, breach of statutory duty or otherwise for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, injury or disappointment (including without limitation any pure economic loss) suffered or incurred by any Entrant, winner or any third party whether foreseeable or not in connection with:(a) any act or omission of Frank&Jellys in developing, planning and administering the Prize Draw;(b) any entry or attempted entry into the Prize Draw;
  12. Events may occur that render the Prize Draw itself or the awarding of the Prize impossible due to reasons beyond the control of Frank&Jellys and accordingly Frank&Jellys may at its absolute discretion vary, amend or cancel the Prize Draw without notice (in particular if it or the website on which the Prize Draw is operated is affected by any denial-of-service attacks, viruses, hacking or any other technologically harmful material or act) and the Entrant agrees that no liability will attach to the Promoter as a result thereof. Any changes to these Terms or the Prize will be posted on the website.
  13. These Terms and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them will be governed and construed in accordance with English law. The courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or matter of difference which may arise out of or in connection with these Terms
The registration process is as follows:

Deadline for the registration is at 6 pm 18th July 2019, No fee’s apply.

The Candidate must be available for Auditions in Croydon, Greater London on Saturday 27th July 2019 

The Candidate must be available for the Photoshoot & Video Filming Day on Sunday 4th August, location is also Croydon

These dates will also be filmed by a Major Broadcaster for a Prime Time Documentary.  

How to Apply

Candidate should fill an Online Application Form and attach a video via the online form from Frank & Jelly’s

The video must include:

A short Video of your Dog with a sit and stay command and a recall command, with the owner giving the Dogs, Name, Breed, Age, and any short further comment.  The Video must be no longer than 90 seconds

The Barking Mad Agency will assess the Candidate’s ability and suitability. The shortlist for Audition Candidates, shall be notified of the results by the email address provided in the application form at the latest by 20th July 2019.  The decision of The Barking Mad Agency is Final.

Shortlisted Candidates will be notified via email or telephone by the 21st July.

The final Candidates who will be selected for the LIVE Audition Process will be notified at the Audition Venue on 27th July in Croydon. 

The final Doggy Detectives Winners will also be invited to the Launch Party of The Barking Mad Agency on Sunday 11th August 2019 – London Venue TBC

Selected Candidates for Audition must
  • Confirm their participation for the Audition and Filming dates within 2 calendar days of the acceptance of the email notification. 

IT IS THE CANDIDATE’S RESPONSIBILITY to review the information they enter and make sure it is correct.

 Audition Process

The first Audition is via the upload of a video onto the online Frank & Jelly’s application form, all shortlisted Candidates will be notified by dates above.

All shortlisted Candidates must confirm availability in Audition and Filming dates.

2nd Audition – Applicants will be invited to LIVE Auditions, this will be filmed for TV


DAY TWO 27th July, Croydon, Greater London 
  1. Selected Candidates from Video applications will be shortlisted to attend the Main Audition Day
  2. After variation presentation, The Barking Mad Agency will make their selection of the Candidates.
  3. Candidates that are identified as potential recruits will be called for filming dates
  4. Candidates who did not pass to the second round will be put on Reserve. 
Image Rights
 The Candidate and Owner understand and agree that during the AUDITION, he/she may be photographed and/or filmed during the audition Process. The Candidate & Owner grants an unrestricted right to use in any form the image, picture, likeness, video, and/or name of the Candidate for all Productions promotional materials including brochures, newspaper articles, books, and/or television and for commercial purposes. Candidate agrees to adhere to the policies therein.

  1. Travel – the organisers recommend no more than 150 miles in travel for the candidate to attend auditions and future filming. This is to protect the welfare of dogs travelling during warmer weathers. Candidates wishing to travel further and advised to seek accommodation on evenings prior to audition filming. The organisers hold no responsibility or liability for candidates who go against this welfare guidance
  2. The candidate is responsible for ensuring any medical needs and met and informing the organisers of any long-standing medical conditions either for themselves or their dogs at the point of the live audition. The basic welfare needs will be met by the organisers ( I.e water) but candidates are responsible for bringing any equipment to support in warm weather however please be aware that if in the event of unsafe temperatures the event date may change and the candidates participation will depend on their ability to meet these dates and they may lose their place if they are unable to accommodate
  3. Due to the nature of filming, we are unable to accommodate any children under the age of 16 on set during the production of the advert due to be held on the 4th August.

The Candidate Candidate or his parents / legal representatives voluntarily sign this Agreement and further agrees that no oral statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.