At Frank and Jellys we believe in giving back to our dog rescue and charity community wherever we can.

We are in awe of the work that they do in rescuing dogs abused or at risk of abuse and we donate thousands every month to a range of charities and rescues.

As a result, we decided to donate a percentage of our sales to rescues and charities within the UK. But we need you to tell us who you want your donation to go to. The charities and rescues who are currently part of our scheme are detailed below but with hundreds of charities and rescues registered in the UK, we are always opening our doors to supporting more.

If you are a charity wishing to be considered onto the scheme please email us at info@frankandjellys with the email subject title "Charity Support Scheme" and we will send you through an information pack through and details of how to apply.

To have an amount from your donated to a rescue of your choice you need to add their charity code at the checkout under the coupon code field.

This provided the charities with much-needed funds to support the ever-mounting medical bills that they face every day and allows them to focus on their core business of rescuing more dogs who right now be facing such abuse that we cannot even put into words nor describe.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much for your support by taking part in our scheme.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Author Unknown

Staffie Smiles Rescue was founded in October 2012 by a few Staffordshire Bull Terrier or ‘Staffie’ daft folk that met while volunteering for other rescues and coming across ‘Pound Dogs’.

The dog will be kept there for 7 days. After 7 days, the dog will become the responsibility of the kennel. Due to the sheer volume of SBT’s arriving in Local Authority ‘pounds’, compared to other breeds of dog the SBT’s are frequently the ones that never get rescued and are left in the pounds when the dreaded ‘put to sleep date’ arrives.

Their love for these dogs is what gave us the drive and determination to make a difference to the future of these poor abandoned souls. After being made aware of what happens to these dogs and the fate that awaits them we decided they decided they wanted to do what we could to help them. Starting a rescue was a huge step for us and as we found out it is a long, hard, emotional and sometimes frustrating process.

The volunteers are based all over Scotland and have come together to help save the lives of SBT and SBT crosses that end up in pounds across the UK through no fault of their own. Our volunteers help with dog walking, transporting, fundraising, social networking, and supporting each other and the new dog owners as well as anything else they can do to help.

They rely completely on donations from adoptions and fundraising events. Any dog we help to save is provided with all it needs for a healthy and happy life. This includes, vaccinations, neutered, spayed, micro chipped, training, food, bed, lead, collar, rescue ID tag, and that they are treated for any illnesses before they are re-homed.

Staffie Smiles Rescue was created to save ‘pound dogs’ however they do all that we can to help any Staffordshire Bull Terrier that is in need. They have re-homed dogs whose owners have become ill or passed away and those who find themselves as part of a family that can no longer offer the love and care that a dog needs.

As a team we support each other, this helps us to get through the ups and downs of rescue life. Saving a dog doesn’t just end when we have pulled that dog from a ‘put to sleep list’. This is just the start of long a process but our drive and determination to help these dogs keeps us going. They work together so the rescue can then do what it was set up for, to save the lives of the beloved Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The Edward Foundation was founded in 2011 when a group of individuals all based on a english bulldog owners social media forum were made aware of a bulldog who was being advertised for stud and later for sale on the internet. It was clear from the photographs that he was not in a good medical state and the group concerned that he would end up in the wrong hands and due to a lack of support from the relevant authorities, clubbed together and bought the dog which they later renamed Edward and handed him over to a breed specific rescue who nursed him back to health.

Following Edward’s successfully rescue and rehabilitation, the founders decided if they could only help a few other dogs like Edward a year they would be happy so they continued to seek out english bulldogs who were at risk and where necessary paid to get them out of their dire conditions. What famous last words from the founders ! Since Edwards rescue EF has rescued over 500 bulldogs who were at risk or living a life of misery. Thats over 500 happy snorers you can hear on sofas up and down the country if you listen hard enough. Its one of the UK’s fastest growing rescues with volunteers taking in the dogs to be assessed within their homes rather than being held in kennels where they receive all the medical , training and tlc they need before being found the perfect 5* forever home and sofa matching to their specific individual needs. This charity is one close to Frank and Jellys heart as it was one of the first ones we worked with and we sponsored and held a one day charity event in their name in November 2015 that went on to raise £6000 in much needed funds on the day.

Founded in 2013 by Lindsey Scanlon, French Bulldog Saviours (previously Dolly’s Angels) was created when Lindsey discovered a French Bulldog being advertised for sale online, clearly having been neglected yet for sale to anyone willing to pay, with no regard for the welfare of the dog. She rescued the advertised dog, which was named Dolly, as Lindsey felt she was at risk of further harm and thus Dolly’s Angels, later to become French Bulldog Saviours, was born.

French Bulldog Saviours is a breed-specific rescue which relies solely on donations and contributions to pay for their extensive medical costs. However, they offer a non-judgemental and confidential service and proof of pedigree is not needed for them to help a dog in need or at risk. Essentially, as long as the dog looks like a Frenchie, FBS is the rescue for you. It is run purely by volunteers, many of whom open up their homes to foster these abused or needy dogs with the aim to heal them both physically and psychologically before helping them find their Forever Sofa.

Since its charity status was awarded in October 2015 this young, dynamic rescue have taken in over 102 dogs from broken-hearted homes facing changes in circumstance or from a potential life of misery, and have brought joy to the lives of so many people through the power of healing and making a giving back. This figure reflects the growing issue that rescues face following ‘designer’ breeds becoming the latest must-have fashion accessory, only to be cast aside when the going gets tough and the fashion fades, which is why FBS is a charity we hold close to our hearts and support as part of our monthly contributions.

In 2008, ‘All Dogs Matter’ (ADM) was founded by three friends with a common interest in dog welfare who were aware of the growing demand for dog rescue services. It became a registered charity in November 2009. Its aim is to rescue and re-home dogs in London and the surrounding areas. These dogs are strays, from pounds or simply dogs whose owners no longer can or want to keep them.

The sad fact is that there is a growing demand for rescue services in the current climate, as more and more unwanted dogs find themselves in need of new homes.

The work of All Dogs Matter comprises three stages . To identify and take on the dogs in need of help. To placing the dogs in foster homes where they can be assessed, checking their health, microchipping, neutering & vaccinating them . Finding a forever home for them. Education is also a key element of dog rescue, and All Dogs Matter often collaborates with the local authorities to help teach responsible dog ownership and raise awareness about animal welfare. They organise educational visits to local schools to promote dog welfare and responsible dog ownership. High on the agenda is the importance of neutering and why uncontrolled breeding must not be encouraged. They inform on the problem of dangerous dogs and fighting dogs.