Can dogs read human emotions?

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Have you ever experienced being sad or emotional only to have your dog reach out and comfort you to the best of their ability?

I’ve experienced this a lot recently with Frank.

You see, I lost a very dear friend of mine to Breast Cancer the other day and in my moments of grief and sadness, I found that Frank would never leave my side. If he wasn’t snuggling into me as a way of comfort, he was licking my tears away. Has this happened to you?

I have truly loved and appreciated every minute of comfort from Frank and was interested to know more about how and if our dogs can actually read human emotions.

As fur mums and dads we know how clever our dogs can be but can this really be a thing?

I decided to find out for myself and did some of my own research.

What research tells us about the makings of a dog’s emotional intelligence:

  • Dogs have the same emotional brain structure as humans
  • Dogs have the same hormones and experience the same chemical changes that humans do during an emotional episode
  • Dogs have the hormone oxytocin the same as humans do, and it is connected with feeling love and affection for others
  • Dogs are a highly social pack animal with social structures and bonding customs very similar to humans
  • Dogs can recognise emotions in humans by combining information from different senses, often respond to weeping with submissive behavior.

By all accounts, a dog’s emotional intelligence can be considered highly perceptive and much more advanced than they’ve been given credit for!

Research has found that when it comes to developing emotional intelligence, dogs develop much more quickly than humans and will have all of the emotional range they’ll ever achieve by the time they are four to six months of age.

Wow, our fur babies are practically humans in dogs clothing!

While this blog was a lot more personal than usual, it really gave me a special opportunity to share with you the ‘real life’ behind Frank and Jellys. We’re just normal fur babies and human slaves like everyone else.

Paws of love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo.

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