Dog Product Reviews & Testing: The Doggy Detectives

Frank and Jellys Under Testing

Do you ever find yourself in a pet shop looking down the aisle’s of stuff feeling completely overwhelmed at all the choice?

Not sure which item you should be buying for your four-legged friend?

Does the sales assistant seem to have less of a clue that you do?

Do you trust your dog owner friends more to recommend to you the best toy or new dog bed over a fancy website?

Me too !!

Whether it’s an indestructible dog toy, ways to reduce moulting hair in the home, natural health products or even where the most dog-friendly beaches are in the UK, we ask our friends first!

This is why Frank and Jellys was created. To help dog owners in their choices based upon experiences of other dog owners and fur mum and dads and to find one place where all that amazing information is captured and at your fingertips. Saving you time and money. Run by dog owners and everything you see in our online shop has been tried & tested by real dog owners first before it is added.

At Frank and Jellys our mission is simple. To help your dog live a long, happy & healthy life by providing you with all our knowledge based on our experiences and products we have tested.

So how does our product testing work?

  1. Our team of dog experts spend all their day dedicated to researching new products on the market. Working with industry experts, leading brands and attending specialist shows and seminars. We also have a team of in-house experts who are canine nutritionists, dog trainers and vet nurses to guide us in the products we offer.
  2. If we find a product that we think will solve a problem that you have we consider it for our testing. This could be;
    How do I stop all the dog’s hair transferring onto my clothes, How can I natural flea and work my dog? What toys are best for my breed.
  3. We then take it to our testers for consideration in our Facebook group. If our members believe it could be a solution to a problem that they face and it’s something that would add value to the life of the dog or its owner we plan to bring it in for testing. 
  4. We open our doors to new doggy detectives several times a year. We review all of the applicants who apply to become doggy detectives only allow the most suitable candidates will be approved to test. We always look to balance our testing in terms of breed and background however due to cost all of our testers must be based in UK inc Northern Ireland unless they are will to cover the additional shipping costs.
  5. Our pre-approved team of doggy detectives will then be informed of the product which is coming in for testing and what the compensation plan is for completing their product test and review. We ask that all reviews are carried out honestly as we are not looking for positive reviews but insight into products suitability with our brand.
  6. The approved testers are then allowed to purchases the testing product and will be compensated .More details around this can be seen in the FAQs below.
  7. Our testers are asked to use the products in their day to day lives before proving feedback on their value for money, ease of use and delivering on promised benefits. During this time we provide full support to our testers with any questions or challenges that they may have during testing.
  8. Our testers are then required to return their reviews both to our Facebook Group and under the product on our website once made public. This will all be provided to our testers. Timescales for the return of the reviews depend on the product type and agreed with testers at the time of testing.
  9. At Frank and Jellys HQ we review the product review results as submitted by our testers. If our members do not feel as a majority that the product is 5* it doesn’t make it onto our shop to be sold to our customers. We are the only company that works this way and it is something we are very proud of.
  10. The product once approved is added under the ‘Newly Approved’ category on our shop and we will share the results with all of our community.

Product Reviews & Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

We are not paid to test products as we believe this could lead to a perception of bias and some testers could feel uncomfortable in voicing their true feelings against the products they have been chosen to test.

Our main aim is to bring you affordable dog products that last and that really work. We believe in natural products over chemicals, and this is reflected in the products we choose to test.

No, unfortunately, testing is not free of charge. Frank and Jellys purchase the testing items. Previously we tried a model of free testing but this lead to a high volume of unsuitable testers applying – as it was free and people not returning reviews and ignoring follow up requests which was very disappointing for our genuine testing community members.
Our community relies on these reviews to make the best choices for their dogs so we have to protect their needs above all. However, testers are compensated through loyalty points once they have completed the tasks set which they can use tender against products on future purchases.

We would never recommend products that we wouldn’t use on our own dogs in our daily lives. All of the team use all of the products that you see in our shop and under testing.

Our members best describe it for us “A place where you can come for free advice and benefit from real dog owner experiences before you ever buy a thing. It’s like a free magazine or encyclopedia except so much more, I wish this group had existed years ago I could have saved myself so much in term money and disappointment”

If you think your dog would make a great tester please apply to become a dog product testers by clicking the APPLY NOW button below.

Before applying, please read the terms and conditions here as these are binding.

Entries are limited, please do not apply if you know that you will not be able to execute and promptly handle getting the testing tasks done within 30 days of receiving or keep in contact with us.