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Firing up the barbeque when the weather is nice and warm is one of the best and most delicious outdoor activities we all like to take part in during the summer.

Cooking meat and vegetables on the grill while entertaining our family and friends in the garden is great fun. But with every upside is a downside and I am not talking about your waistline here – HA!

When your home goes from a safe and comfortable haven with routine and familiar smells to a house filled with strange smells and random people, your dogs behaviour can change.

You may find that the variety of smells from all the delicious foods served could be enticing your four-legged friends to misbehave and forget how to use their hearing.

Discipline? What’s that?!

Gimme the yummy food they say!

And who could blame them? There’s often nothing more delicious than the smoky flavours that come from cooking on the BBQ and then chasing is down with a cold drink.

So to avoid any BBQ mishaps as well as any strange and unusual doggy behaviours, below are some tips to make sure you, your guests and your furry friends all have an amazing and time TOGETHER.

Keep everything out of reach. Our four legged friends have a way of being very creative when it comes to getting some yummy BBQ feed in their bellies. Ok, so it’s more like stealing but when they’re so cute how can you be mad?

Make sure all your utensils and food are placed in the middle of a high table or bench so that your fur babies have no way of getting all James Bond on you. And it never hurts to just keep an eye on them two. The rule goes; if they’re too quiet they’re usually up to no good.

Give them space. Lots of people in a small space can be overwhelming for our pooches. If you can, allocate an area in your garden or in the main area where everyone will be for your dog(s) to retreat too, relax and hang out. A safe space. If the size of your garden allows it, set out some toys or pet-friendly games that dog(s) and guests can all get involved in. Anything from a game of Frisbee, to an elaborate obstacle course will ensure your furry friend gets some attention in between the next round of food!

Create a special menu or make sure your furry family member is full before the BBQ kicks off. Because it’s summer time, why not pre-freeze some doggy yummies to keep them hydrated, entertained and cool during food time? You can get some ideas from our blog 22 freezable foods to keep your dog cool and entertained!

It’s really important that you let your guests know that sharing their plates is not the best idea. It may seem natural to throw your dogs a bone, but cooked bones found in ribs and chicken wings can splinter and become lodged in their throats or digestive tract.  

No matter how lovingly our pooches look at us while we’re enjoying a piece of corn on the cob, do not share it with them. There is always a risk that they will choke on it or have problems digesting it.

Some non-grill items that may be present at a BBQ can be harmful to pets too. These include avocado, grapes, chocolate, chives, raw eggs, and alcohol. Keep them out of our four-legged friend’s reach.

Ice creams: As refreshing as ice cream is, it’s best not to share it with your furry friend. Not all fur babies can digest dairy very well and although yogurt is also a dairy product, frozen yogurt is a much better alternative to ice cream. The active bacteria in yogurt can actually help and strengthen our pooch’s digestive system. Be sure to skip added sugar or artificial sweetener (especially Xylitol).

To avoid milk altogether freeze chunks of strawberries, raspberries, watermelons, apples and pineapples and give them to your pooch as a sweet, icy treat. 

Keep them hydrated. We all love it when our pets run around and play, interacting with our family and friends, but it’s important to make sure that they stay hydrated! Keep the water bowl within easy reach and accessible accessible. And maybe throw a few ice cubes in there to keep it cool.

Feeding charred bits of sausage or other meats to pets can cause health issues. We all know how good pets are at sniffing out uneaten food or grease covered aluminium foil, plastic wrap and kebab skewers. This can be very dangerous, so keep a bin in reach of the BBQ and store leftovers away safely and always have some treats ready to keep them distracted.  

Hopefully the tips and advice in this blog should help you enjoy the BBQ season and ensure that all your guests (furry, or otherwise) have a safe and fun filled experience this summer.

As always, we’d love to hear from you with your own BBQ experiences with friends. So, if you have any pictures and advice to add, please comment or email us at sarah@frankandjellys.com. Information shared is a potential life spared.

Paws of Love,

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo

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