22 freezable foods to cool & entertain the dog

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Want an easy way to create healthy frozen dog treats to keep your pooch cool in hot weather AND benefit their health? 

We all love a multipurpose option, especially when it comes to our much loved dogs. 

If you’ve done your research (which I know a lot of you have) you would have come across SO MANY amazing frozen treat snacks to give your dog to keep them cool and entertained this summer! 

Well we decided to take it one step further and actually talk about all the different foods you can freeze and how each one will benefit your dogs health at the same time. 

You get to be creative with recipes because let’s face it, a dogs taste buds are very different to human taste buds – liver, banana and peanut butter anyone? Eeeww. 

Below you will find all kinds of fruit, veggies and savoury foods to have your dogs licking their chops and wagging their tails! 

All foods listed below are FREEZABLE and you can simply throw a few ingredients into a blender and then pour the mixture into ice cube trays or even small, medium or large containers depending on the size of your dog!! So start creating your doggy shopping list and let the healthy frozen treats fun begin!! 

What food is healthy for the doggy soul? 

Water: Seems pretty basic, right? It is! And EASY!! When you freeze water it keeps your dog occupied and hydrated at the same time. It helps keep them cool during summer and you can pretty much freeze any fruits, veggies, kibble, foods OR toys in the water! You can fill up your dogs favourite Kong or a large container and have then lapping and happy in seconds! 

Broth: This is a BRILLIANT treat to give your dogs taste buds a ride of their life time PLUS you get to nourish their bodies with some of the most amazing and beneficial nutrients that come from boiling bones for hours. If you freeze the broth with other treats or food or even on it’s own and then give them to your hot dog, they will not only enjoy the flavour but they will be occupied and be able to cool down. The broth also has wonderful healing elements that can help with keeping your dogs joints supple and pain free, perfect for detoxing your dogs insides as well as healing a leaky gut!  Low sodium is always best and you can purchase pre-made ones if you don’t have time to boil bones for hours at a time. OR if you are up for bone boiling, follow this easy bone broth recipe HERE. 

Yogurt: Eaten frozen or just cold, yogurt is a tasty treat that is great for your dog’s digestive tract (especially if your dog is on the gassy side – peeieww). Yogurt is high in calcium and protein and the more active bacteria the better!! Offer yogurt to your dog on it’s own or mixed with yummy fruits and your dog will be pleased as pie!! It’s important to mention that you MUST AVOID any yogurts with artificial sweeteners in them or added sugar. And if you have an older dog, it might be better to do a 50/50 yogurt and water mix to keep their tummies happy. (See our YouTube videos below about homemade frozen yogurt treats for dogs!) 

Cheese: Yum!! One for you and one for them! Either share some fresh cheese on the go or freeze some cheese chunks into water or brother for a tasty summer treat to keep your dog cool and satisfied! Filled with vitamin A, B-complex vitamins and essential fatty acids, this treat will have your dog smiling for the camera! Now cheese is high in calories so do keep in mind not to overfeed your pooch. They say that cottage cheese is a better form of cheese but if in moderation, you can definitely venture out to other cheeses (steer away from flavoured or herbed cheeses, keep it simple). And please note, not all dogs are dairy tolerant, so if you’re unsure, start with small amounts of cheese and go from there. For all the information you need on dogs and cheese, read THIS article! 

Peanut Butter: What dog doesn’t love a little peanut butter in their treats?! Filled with protein, healthy fats, niacin, vitamin B and vitamin E, this easy treat can be eaten at room temperature, baked AND frozen!! SO many options!! You can mix them with other fruits or veggies for extra yumminess or just keep it simple!! It’s important to know that you MUST AVOID any sugar free or ‘lite’ peanut butter that will use artificial sweeteners, particularly xylitol, and NO Palm Oil as these are deadly for our furry friends. 

Eggs: Yep, you guessed it! You can even freeze your egg treats to keep your pooch cool and filled with nutrition this summer!! Did you know that the egg shell is really healthy for your dog and a lot of recipes call for you to blend the entire egg or to dry the eggshell out and then grind it down to a powder to add to your dog’s meals and treats? Eggs are filled with vitamin A, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B12, Iron, selenium, fatty acids and LOTS of amino acids which are an essential building block for healthy protein in the body! It’s recommended that your dog only eat one egg per day as too much egg could affect the absorption of all the goodness into their bodies! 

Tuna: A quick, easy and nutritious treat for man and his furry best friend!! With high protein and lots of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium, iodine shaolin, phosphorus AND selenium, tuna is sure to have your dogs recommended daily intakes ticked off in no time! PLUS eating tuna will contribute to healthy blood pressure, heart function and overall cardiovascular health! Need we say MORE? Tuna can easily be frozen in some water or bone broth for added goodness and a cooling treat! 

Salmon: A glorious treat wrapped in shiny tasty paper, salmon is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids! Freeze some salmon and know that every time you give your dog a salmon treat, their coat is going to be healthy and shiny, and their immune system is going to be boosted, naturally! 

Liver: With more than 10 to 100 times MORE nutrients than muscle meat, liver has a lot of vitamin A, several vitamin B’s, iron, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, essential amino acids, trace minerals, and CoQ10! It’s also a really good source of copper, iron, phosphorus and zinc. WHAT?! We know! So much goodness in one little bite!! All you need to do is buy some fresh chicken or beef liver, cut it into bite sized pieces and freeze them between 2 parchment papers. EASY!! Mix them with some other yummy treats and freeze them in water or broth or just give them out as a quick, healthy, cooling treat! 

What veggie goodness is tasty, healthy and freezable? 

Pumpkin: Tasty and great for any digestive issue your dog might have, you can either boil the pumpkin to make a mash or buy 100% pumpkin in a can and scoop it into bite size pieces to freeze. You can even mix it with other mashed veggies and fruits! With a good source of fiber and vitamin A, pumpkin can aid in keeping your dog’s GI tract moving too! Yum! 

Carrots: A multipurpose vegetable at it’s best, carrots are a great low calorie treat that are high in fiber and beta-carotene (vitamin A)! You can boil it down to a mash OR you can actually take a whole carrot, wash it and freeze it as is to make a tasty cooling treat to keep your dog occupied and their teeth cleaned!! (It’s great for teething puppies too.) 

Green Beans: Something easy and colourful to add to your dogs diet!! Low in calories and filled with fiber, manganese and vitamins C and K, this treat frozen is going to keep your dog cool and their insides flowing (if you know what we mean). 

Sweet Potato: Sweet potatoes are the perfect treat to keep your pooch full and cool and healthy! They contain lots of healthy fiber, beta-carotene, manganese and vitamins B6 and C! You can create a mash and then freeze them! 

Cucumber: Cool and filled with hydrating water, these magical vegetables are low calorie, with little to no carbohydrates, fats or oils. THey are loaded with vitamins K, C and B1, potassium, copper, magnesium and biotin!!! But be warned, they are known to boost your dog’s energy so maybe avoid this delicious treat before bed time. 

Refreshing fruits that are freezable and dog friendly? 

Blueberries: Freeze them or buy them already frozen from the supermarket and you have the perfect training treat for summer! You can easily add them with other fruits and veggies to create the ultimate frozen treat! Blueberries are a powerful superfood, rich in antioxidants that prevent cell damage in dogs. These little bundles of goodness are packed with fiber and phytochemicals. 

Watermelon: Cube it and freeze it and you have a delicious and cooling treat that is low in calories and packed with vitamins A, B6, and C, and potassium. It’s extremely hydrating with no fat or cholesterol, so it really is a guilt free treat!! Make sure to remove all seeds and avoid letting your dog chew on the watermelon rind. 

Banana: You can either freeze them whole, in half, sliced or mashed and you end up with the same result; a happy dog. A low calorie treat, bananas are filled with potassium, vitamins, biotin, fiber, and copper and are low in cholesterol and sodium. Perfect!! We do recommend that your offer this treat in moderation as bananas have a high sugar content. 

Apples:  A tasty treat cold or frozen, apples are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, as well as fiber for your dog. They are also low in protein and fat, making them perfect for senior dogs. Slice them, cube them, mash them! Combine with other tasty fruits of freeze them in some water and you have the perfect summer treat!! ALways make sure to remove the seeds and core from the apple before you freeze or feed them to your dog. 

Mango: Create some mango madness with this sweet and yummy treats for  dogs! Perfect for freezing, mangoes are packed with vitamins A, B6, C, and E, potassium, beta-carotene and alpha-carotene. Whoa!! Buy them fresh yourself and freeze them or buy them already chopped and frozen from your supermarket!! Make sure you remove the seed and skin! 

Oranges: A great treat for both dog and human slave, oranges can be eaten cold or frozen to help keep you and your dog cool in summer! They are also an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber! It is recommended that you remove the peel and seeds to minimise and difficulties in the doggy digestive system. 

Pears: So sweet and juicy and filled with copper, vitamins C and K, and fiber! It has been said that eating pears can reduce the risk of having a stroke by 50 percent in dogs! All you need to do is cube them and freeze them and then treat your dog to something delicious and potentially life saving! 

Raspberries: Raspberries are great in moderation and contain antioxidants, are low in sugar and calories, but high in fiber, manganese, and vitamin C. Raspberries have even been known to be really good for older dogs because they have anti-inflammatory properties that can help take pain and pressure away from joints. It’s important to note that they do contain slight amounts of the toxin Xylitol, so try not to treat your dog with raspberries too often.   

Phew!! So many amazing fruits and veggies and foods covered! And yet there are so many more that you can find if you choose to research your options further. 

We did want to mention some alternative fruits and veggies that are nutritious and perfect for freezing but better given in smaller amounts. Moderation is key with these ones! See below! 

  • Celery 
  • Broccoli 
  • Brussel Sprouts 
  • Spinach 
  • Cantaloupe 
  • Cranberries 
  • Peaches 
  • Pineapple 
  • Strawberries 

And as a precaution, these are the fruits and vegetables that you should AVOID giving to your dogs at all costs: 

  • Avocado 
  • Cherries 
  • Grapes 
  • Mushrooms 
  • Onions 
  • Tomatoes 

So what frozen concoctions will you being making for your dog this summer? We’d love to see pictures and videos of your creations and we’d absolutely love it if you could share some of your favourite recipe ides in the comments or sent to sarah@frankandjellys.com! Sharing is caring! 

If you want some more innovative ideas to keep your dogs cool and occupied this summer season, be sure to check out our other blog on How To Keep Your Dog Entertained In Summer! And if you need some creative ideas to keep your dog cool at home, read our blog 14 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During Heatwaves. 

Paws of Love, 

Sarah (fur mum to Frank) xo 

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