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Archive for November 2018

Christmas safety for your dog


‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season us fur mums and dads need to dog proof our Christmas celebrations!! Who knew that there would be so many things we need to consider at Christmas time when we have our much loved dogs to share in the joy and festivities? Christmas and the…

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15 reasons you should be feeding your dog salmon oil

These salmon oil benefits for dogs are astounding!

Is Salmon Oil good for dogs? In short, yes. There are so many amazing benefits to feeding your dog salmon oil! Some are pretty straight forward and some are a little more interesting. We decided to take a thorough look into the world of salmon oil for dogs! Let’s start by looking at what is…

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How to prevent and treat Kennel Cough

How to prevent and treat kennel cough

So your dog has Kennel Cough, what do you do now? In part 2 of the Kennel Cough series we want to help you prevent and treat your dogs Kennel Cough. If you read Part 1 of the series – Kennel Cough Explained, you’ll know that while Kennel Cough is not considered a deadly illness…

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Kennel Cough Explained – Part 1


Let’s talk about Kennel cough for a minute – one of the worlds most widespread doggy illnesses. It seems to be going around lately and I felt it was important to address – especially now that my precious Lulu seems to have contracted the awful illness. Most of us know this particular illness as Kennel…

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Join the plea for silent fireworks – save our dogs

Join the plea for silent fireworks - save our dogs

Imagine being in a war zone with explosions going off at unexpected intervals. You don’t know when the next bang is going to explode so you remain in a constant state of fear and nervous anxiety. You have nowhere to run and hide because nothing seems to make the loud noises stop. You’re terrified and…

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