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Archive for July 2017

Keeping your dog calm during Thunder and Lightning ⚡️

Thunder, Fur and Lightning ….very very frightening  ⚡️ Summer time means sunshine, road trips, picnics, and boat rides. Unfortunately for our fur friends  it can also mean thunderstorms are more frequent than in other seasons. Many of our otherwise calm family members can suddenly turn into little heaps of nervousness. As fur mums and dads we…

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Frank and Jelly! We are hoping everyone is well and getting ready to set off on their well-earned summer holiday. Many of us, in fact 9% of us dog owners in the UK like to holiday with our fury friends. So before you set off, make sure that everything is packed and…

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Have a successful doggy holiday using your ABC’s

Have a successful doggy holiday using your ABC's

Accommodation: When thinking about where you want to stay, take your dog’s needs into account as well as yours Booking: Once you’ve found somewhere to stay, double-check before you book that dogs are definitely welcome. Find out if there are any restrictions on size, breeds and numbers by making a phone call Catering arrangements: Make sure…

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