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Natural Health Products For Dogs

Everything independently tested by people and their dogs

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"All I wanted was to walk into a shop and have someone tell me what was going to work for MY dog rather than being sold something that no one had ever used before and just looked pretty on the shelf, which is why I created Frank & Jellys" - Sarah AKA Franks Mum

Product Reviews

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Everything we sell has been tested by owners who have a genuine need for the product.
Our “Doggy Detectives” test for value for money, ease of use, outcome and quality. If they don't think that a product delivers on its promise or isn’t value for money it doesn’t get approved for sale.

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We sell everything that supports a dog and their owners. Everything from dog bowls, beds and treats to washing machine accessories for unwanted dog hair, natural health for dogs supplements and pet safe cleaning and odour elimination products. We believe in a more natural way whilst also saving our community and customers time and money.

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Join the thousands of dog owners who help us test our natural health for dogs products. We also provide free access via our community group to vets and experts from the dog industry that will help your dog live their happiest and healthiest lives possible through easy to follow advice and free educational talks.

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